“Who heeds how high the hill, the deities make it majestic.  Who cares how deep the stream, dragons show its aura.  And so the reputation of my humble hut is spread far like aroma because of my noble virtues.”  


Even when he was relegated and at the lowest point of his career, Tang Dynasty poet, Liu Yuxi, honored his pursuit of virtues. The poem above entitled “The Scholar's Humble Dwelling,” Liu expressed his romantic sentiments of being no succumbing to the inexpedient sovereign.  


Chinese culture is romantic and passionate. Whether they are the emotions expressed in poetry or the artistic conception depicted in paintings, the poetic and artistic characteristics of everyday aesthetics are well conveyed. “xijo” inherits this unique life philosophy and attitude, and rhymes a poetic living by creating artistic sentiments for each piece of furniture; so as to improve the cultural literacy of modern furniture, as well as to interweave "The Poetic Living" for you.

+ ABOUT xijo 

Established in 2015, “xijo,” is a Mandarin transliterated and means “love for the good things in the old days”.  


With a goal of continuing the good old things with a modern twist, as well as sifting the wheat from the chaff, “xijo” is dedicated to exploring the traditional craftsmanship and living elements in order to reinterpret the traditional Chinese culture into home furnishings from the perspective of contemporary aesthetics.  


Besides, by integrating the essence of traditional master craftsmen, designers and the latest cutting-edge technologies, “xijo” offers the exquisite contemporary furniture with simple, elegant and cultural contents.



Circling An Ink Painting

This round-backed armchair embraces the modern tube bending technology as well the cord-knit handcraft, and presents a poetic expression of "circling an ink painting.”

The Breeze Series

This elegant series inherited the lines of the traditional Chinese Ming Dynasty rose chair and modified the proportion to a larger zen chair. It was also given a meditation conception of "being swayed by the breeze, but also stayed still at the same time.” This beautifully proportioned chair can be sit cross-legged or casually without feeling any pressure.

1453 Raden Dining Table

The beauty of the traditional crafts, Raden (shell inlay), has been reinterpreted with contemporary aesthetics. A total of 1,453 pieces of mother-of-pearl are inlaid in the Lazy Susan. That is not only to shape the endangered species "Troides Magellanus” of the Butterfly Kingdom Taiwan, but also to reveal the pure beauty and the intensity of the iridescent mother-of-pearl.

Banquet Coffee Table Set 

This exquisite series took inspiration from the elements of the "red tablecloth" and "scissors table legs" that are especially used for the outdoor wedding banquet as known a Taiwanese unique catering culture. Furthermore, this series cooperates with the Taiwan's largest leather bag brand SOBDEALL, using its superb “fitting zipper craftsmanship" as the main design theme.

Paving and Rebars Series

This series recalls “pebble paving and rebars” that are the Taiwanese common rough building materials in the early days, so as to strike a refined use and new vitality.






Zhen-Fang Cheng is one of the very few Raden (shell inlay) masters in Taiwan. Since the age of 14......




Mou-Choou Chang is the chairman of Hao-Feng Stone Co., Ltd. that is specialists in trading landscape rocks and construction stone materials. With 20......




Wei-Xin Ho is the founder of SOBDEALL, the largest brand of leather bag manufacturing in Taiwan. Ho started his career from......




Zhong-Bin Wang is the founder of Decorated Sisters Workshop. He is good at using natural twine as well as through the traditional Chinese knotting......






Born in Taiwan, LuLu Yen graduated in Automotive Design from Coventry University, UK



“xijo” is a newly launched brand with a distinguishing philosophy, high integration ability and unlimited creativities. We are very happy to welcome any possible cooperation proposals, including furniture development, furnishing and marketing cooperation of designers, craftsmen, furniture manufacturers, retailers, advertisers, etc. In addition, if you are willing to join our team, all please feel free to contact us.  


Let us start “ The Poetic Living” from here.

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